Volunters wanted for the following projects at the Somerset Heritage Centre. This should be interesting. Contact Sandy Weatherhead.

Project 1 Digitise, transcribe and publish Somerset’s First World War parish returns

Project 2 Create an index to a selection of Somerset’s wartime newspapers

Project 3 Research First World War sources held at the Somerset Heritage Centre Society

Volunteers assist the National Trust with the care and running of Coleridge Cottage at Nether Stowey The 17th-century cottage was home to Coleridge for three years, from 1797. It was during his time here in Somerset that Coleridge wrote his finest works, including The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Kubla Khan, Frost at Midnight, The Nightingale, Cristabel and This Lime Tree Bower my Prison. Both Coleridge and Wordsworth are seen as crucial in the development of the literary Romantic Movement. The cottage that Coleridge knew would have looked very different to the present building. Extensive alterations took place in the late 1800s, when 'Moore's Coleridge Cottage Inn' attracted Victorians visiting the area. As a result of a major redevelopment project in 2011, you can now explore parts of the cottage never previously open to the public, and explore atmospheric cottage rooms which have been recreated as though the Coleridge family had just walked out.